Adventurer, Learner, Leader

Hello! My biggest passions in life are working with teams and the revelations that come through constant revision to a design.  I’ve been blowing off steam by playing the tuba for the past 13 years (as well as traveling and taking some photos).

I’m always looking for opportunities to work with other motivated people on a project that benefits the world or that is just plain cool. Here are some of my favorite projects so far:

-Pediatric pulse-ox for rural health centers (WHO targeted as customer)
-Cheap defibrillator battery alternatives
-Interplanetary Mining Robots (I love systems design, sensors, and planning)
-Image based diabetic retinopathy diagnosis
-Creating and delivering an intro to machine learning course for the general Cleveland community


Primary Skills

  • Software Engineering
    • Java EE – Spring, Maven, JBoss, SQL, EXTJs, JQuery
    • EAI – SSO, asynchronous messaging, schema/data migration
  • Robotics
    • Electro-mechanical system design
    • Sensor selection, implementation, and filtering
    • Mechanical Manufacturing
  • Leadership for technical teams
    • Agile Design and Delivery
    • Systems Design
    • Project Planning


Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering – May 2016
Case Western Reserve University and Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

  • 2 countries,  3 languages, 3 70kg robots, 149 credits
  • Robotics team founding member
  • Undergraduate Rep to Faculty Senate, School of Engineering
  • Fraternity Exec Board, House Manager, Summer Landlord

Work Experience

Software Engineer  – Progeny Systems
6/13/16 – Present

  • Part of team that integrated 5 enterprise applications together over last year
    • Designed and implemented a JMS based data synchronization service
    • Implemented SSO
    • Adapted to business rules in new production environments
    • Simplified configuration for developers and support technicians
  • Wrote two research/prototype proposals for DOD solicitations

Founding member,  Systems and Controls Team Leader  – CWRU Robotics
3 Years

  • Two years leading a 15 member Software and Electronics team
  • Lead the delivery of two 70kg robots, was a team member for a third
  • Worked to develop the team alongside other exec board members
    • 8 -> 30 annual members returning members
    • $5k -> $20k + lab space + free manufacturing + free software
    • Successful hand off from founding members to new leadership


  • 3 months Independently learned the LAMP stack (and Zend and Omeka), then made a museum/archive website with a responsive front end front end
  • 3 months Learned a VB/C# code base and fixed bugs, then automated UI regression test using TestArchitect (kind of like Selenium)


Other projects not yet mentioned:

  • kNN + LSTM robotic error motion prediction
  • kNN stock prediction
  • ResNet Image sorting
  • Fun times with a Suborbital Launch startup company
  • Autonomous rocket deployed robot
  • $20k Fraternity Kitchen Renovation
  • Life Size Batmobile + Comic book presentation
  • Building a simple robot presentation at HacSoc
  • Ham Radio (10 meter band, KC1AEC)
  • Undergraduate Student Government politicking
  • Sorting 30k + photos in 3 continents and trying to get published
  • Campaigning for local politicians