Hello! My favorite things in life are working with teams and learning by building new things. I’m a pretty active hobbyist and DIYer and outdoorsy person.

I’m always looking for opportunities to work with other motivated people on inspiring or unique projects.

See my current resume here.



research launch scale
    • Inter and intra department project coordination app
research launch
    • Order management and address validation app
    • MVP stored value/effortless checkout product for vehicle services
    • MVP data wrangling + vendor integration, infra + code handoff
    • DevOps and API integrations for ML enabled advertising
    • Data synchronization and SSO/login for a small suite of web apps

Talks & Presentations

    • Aspect oriented programming – FordLabs engineers
    • Level up dev team security practice – various groups at Ford
    • Intro to securing web apps – Engineering speaker series at FMCC
    • How to teach intro to robotics – World Maker Faire NYC
    • Intro to autonomous robotics – weekend workshops for ages 10 and up
    • How to build a simple robot – colleges, maker spaces, house parties, daydreams

Learning ML

    • kNN + LSTM robot motion error prediction
    • kNN stock prediction
    • ResNet Image sorting
    • Image based diabetic retinopathy diagnosis

Maker + DIY

    • Life size Batmobile + 4’x8′ comic book + a dragon
    • A couch
    • Interplanetary mining robots (I love systems design, sensors, and planning)
    • Pediatric pulse-ox for rural health centers/ the WHO
    • Ham Radio (10 meter band, KC1AEC)
    • Sorting 30k + photos from 3 continents and failing at getting published
    • Fun times with a suborbital launch startup company
    • Rocket deployed autonomous robot